Privacy and Anonymity


How will my privacy be protected?

data security Scientific research studies like this one have to meet strict ethical guidelines. Many of those concern your privacy.
We fully respect your privacy and we intend to protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of your responses to the fullest possible extent, within the limits of the law.

At all times, the personal information of participants will only be stored in an encrypted and password‐ protected form. In any report of data provided by the participants (e.g. within the publication of study findings), we will remove any references to personal information that might allow someone to guess the participants’ identity.

During the online survey, all survey forms are secured using 128‐bit SSL encryption, so the answers can't be read by anyone else as they are transmitted to the server of a third‐party used to run the survey. The used SSL encryption with a signed certificate is noticeable at the "HTTPS" preceding the URL of the survey link. All data is being encrypted by the browser and decoded by the server. This process is considered very secure.

We run the study on the‐server, which is located in Munich, Germany, in a certified datacenter, warranting organizational, constructional, technical, and supply security. The server is secured against unauthorized access according to common security standards.
For more detailed information, refer to the privacy policy available on the main website of the survey service we use to conduct this study (privacy policy of

Privacy Policy Summary

  • We protect your privacy and treat the information you give us as highly confidential.
  • Your personal information will only be stored in an encrypted and password‐protected form.
  • The information you provide is used only for research purposes within this study.
  • No information which can specifically identify you will be published.
  • We will never release your personal information to any third party without your consent.
  • We will never try to sell you anything and we will never sell your personal data to anyone.
  • Your decisions about participating in our study or withdrawing from it will be respected without question.

What about my email address and anonymity?

During registration you will be asked for your email address, so the survey system can send you the link to the survey and the exercises, as well as automatic quick reminder emails if necessary. To protect your privacy and to ensure your anonymity, your email address will only be stored in encrypted and password‐protected form separately from the data. All data provided by you will be analysed anonymously using code numbers with no display of your email-address in the data set.
Of course, your email address is only used to contact you during the duration of the study and will never be passed on to a third party. Should you wish to participate in the $50 gift voucher draw after completing the study, we will use your email address for the draw. After the study is completed, your email address will be deleted from the address list of our survey system.