Information Sheet – all the info in one document

info Here you can find all the important information about this research study in one document. If you would like to participate, you'll need to indicate that you have read and understood this information. Click here to download the Information Sheet.

If you don’t want to download the Information Sheet, you can also read everything it includes below. Just click on the questions to show the referring information.
This is an online study conducted by a team of psychologists of Murdoch University, Perth (Australia) in collaboration with Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany). The aim is to investigate the effects of different combinations of simple online exercises to cultivate well-being in the workplace: We are testing the effectiveness of two easily accessible 7-day online well-being programs for employees.

The two programs consist of simple daily 5-minute exercises and all the instructions are sent via email, so participation is possible with any web-enabled device. The exercises are short and simple for easy integration in the daily working-routine and are based on scientific research findings from the field of Positive Psychology. They have already been shown to boost well-being in recent studies, however, in our research we are looking at different combinations of these exercises. This project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval 2014/213).
The study is intended for anyone over 18 years of age who is currently working. Employment (or self-employment) is necessary as the exercises are designed to be done during work hours and some of the questions in the survey refer to the workplace. Please feel free to encourage any of your friends or family meeting these requirements to complete the survey by forwarding the web link to them.
During your participation, we'll ask you to complete the following 4 steps (estimated times are in parentheses):
  1. Register (about 1 minute)
    You can register with any valid email address to which the link to the survey and the exercises can be sent (see Privacy Policy below for how we protect your anonymity). Just click "SIGN UP" on the website's navigation bar.
  2. Complete first Online Survey (about 15 minutes)
    Complete the first short online questionnaire with any web-enabled device.
  3. Do the 7 day exercise program (7 x 5 minutes)
    For your next 7 days at work, we’ll ask you to do two things:
    • Complete a 5-minute online exercise at your workplace on each day
      The well-being exercises will be sent to your email address daily. Don't worry if you miss a day: you can postpone each exercise to the next day to allow for more flexibility. It'll just take you longer than 7 days to complete all of them.
    • Answer a few questions about each exercise
      Each time before you start a new exercise, you'll be asked just a few questions about the previous one.
  4. Complete second and third online survey (about 10 minutes each)
    We'll ask you to complete the second online questionnaire the day after you've finished all of the exercises, which helps us to understand the immediate effect of the 7-day exercise program.
    Four weeks later you will be sent the link to a third online questionnaire, which helps us to measure whether the exercises have a long-term effect.
After completion of step 2, you will randomly be assigned to one of three groups, differing only in the combination of the exercises (there are two different program versions) and the starting point of the well-being program (the next day or 6 weeks later). In case you've been assigned to the group commencing the well-being program 6 weeks after step 2, the order of the 4 steps is: 1 - 2 - 4 - 3.
Yes, if you wish you can see both programs: After completing all of the 4 steps, you will be offered the free option to take part in the other group's program. So in the end it doesn't matter which of the group you've been assigned to. You will be informed after step 2 when and with which of the two programs you will be asked to begin with.
As soon as this study has been concluded and the results have been analysed, we will email you a link to a brief summary of the findings. The results of the study (aggregated, with no personally identifying information) may also be presented in academic conferences and journals.
Participating in this research is voluntary, but you'll still get some benefits.
The exercises in the study are designed to be enjoyable and to increase your well-being in the workplace. Of course we hope they work out as intended for every participant, but we can't guarantee that they will work for you. Nevertheless, by completing the study, you will:

  • Get free access to the 7 day online well-being programs based on latest scientific findings
  • Learn very short and simple ways to boost your well-being at work
  • Be part of new scientific research and contribute to something that matters
  • Feel good about helping us (the researchers) and experience the “helper’s high”
  • The chance to win a $50 gift voucher draw
  • Have enjoyable 5 minute breaks from your daily working routine
  • Scientific research studies like this one have to meet strict ethical guidelines. Many of those concern your privacy. We fully respect your privacy and we protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of your responses to the fullest possible extent, within the limits of the law. All of your personal information will only be stored in an encrypted and password-protected form and no information which can specifically identify you will ever be published. Your email address is only used to contact you during the duration of the study and will never be passed on to a third party. For more detailed information and our Privacy Policy Summary, refer to our website under the privacy section.
    Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any stage without prejudice. You don't even have to explain why you would like to opt out (of course we would be curious to know why, but an explanation is totally up to you).
    This research study is not a treatment, and not a substitute for professional psychotherapy. If you're feeling down, please contact a professional in your area or refer to one of the following websites:

  • Australia:
  • UK:
  • Canada:
  • US:

  • If you are located in Australia, you can alternatively call Lifeline (24/7) on 13 11 14.
    Should you require any further information, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Graeme Ditchburn on +61 8 9360 2775 or via e‐mail at
    This study has been approved by the Murdoch University Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval 2014/213). If you have any reservation or complaint about the ethical conduct of this research, and wish to talk with an independent person, you may contact Murdoch University's Research Ethics Office (Tel. +61 8 9360 6677 or e‐mail Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and investigated fully, and you will be informed of the outcome.