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Welcome to your workplace well-being week!

This website is about a scientific study testing a 7-day online program to increase well-being and happiness in the workplace. Take your next steps towards your happiest possible self now and participate in our online program for free!

On this website you can find the following information:

  • How you can participate
  • What’s involved with your participation
  • What are your benefits

By participating in the 7-day online well-being program you can learn easy techniques to boost your wellbeing and happiness at work.
The program consists of daily 5-minute exercises that are based on scientific findings from the field of Positive Psychology. The exercises are short and simple, so they can be integrated into your daily working-routine easily (to avoid any misunderstanding: there are no physical exercises in the program, it's about short reflective/mental exercises and simple activities).

All the instructions are sent via email, so you can participate with any web-enabled device.


The benefits of higher happiness and well-being levels

Information Research has shown that people who actively boost their well-being and happiness are healthier, have a stronger immune system, are more productive and creative, have longer lasting and more satisfying relationships, and have higher activity and energy levels to meet work’s and life’s challenges.

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